Tips of Healthy Diet for Pet Suffering from Heart diseaseGoing for deciding a healthy diet for pet suffering from heart disease is considered to be a good decision but you must take certain things in to consideration which are considered to be important. Knowing the exact situation of your pet and then analysing its diet plan is considered to be the responsibility of the owner of the pet. It is considered to be mandate of gong for knowing the severity of your pet’s heart disease which it is suffering from. There are many healthy diets for pet suffering from heart disease which you must go for while facing certainly such a situation. Not only that but the nutritional and proteins which are considered to be important must also be taken in to account by the home owners while taking care of your pet which is suffering from heart diseases.

This article will help you in making you avail with the tips of healthy diet for pet suffering from heart diseases which you must go for while you pet is also suffering from same. Preparing a diet plan will help you in getting control over the heart disease which will result in not increasing more and will help you in getting it stuck to the level which is being observed in your pet. Well, there are many tips of healthy diet for pet suffering from heart disease which you can go for like making control over your pet’s weight, checking for the salt in its body, availing with adequate amount of proteins and vitamins to its body, etc. and many more of the things which you can go for considering to be tips of healthy diet for pet suffering from heart diseases.

The first thing which you must comply and which you can consider as the tips of healthy diet for pet suffering from heart disease is to maintain up the weight which you considered to be perfect.  Maintaining the body weight is considered to be important because obesity or weight loss both is considered to be the reason of having heart diseases. Losing weight in a healthy manner does not affects for the reason of heart diseases but it can considered to be good sign which you need to take in to account but there are many other symptoms which can prove that your pet is not seems to be proper.

Filling up the proper nutrient deficiency is considered to be another tip for healthy diet for pet suffering from heart diseases. Because with the help of nutrients, the body will be able to get its energy back and this will result in getting all the things to be in its perfect position. Maintaining up the nutrients level in body will stimulate energy which will result in getting and curing the heart diseases which is being suffered by your pet. Addressing up the exact amount of nutrients and proteins will help your pet in getting and boosting up its energy which can help him in releasing from the heart diseases which your pet is suffering from.

Tips of Training your Dog at HomeMany times we don’t want their our dog gets trained outside somewhere because we don’t have much of the knowledge that in which sense they are going to train up our dog right? For this you need to go for training your dog at home which is considered to be one of the best alternative which you can go for exercising with your dog. But there are basically certain things which you need to keep in mind at the time of going for training your dogs at home which is considered to be in the benefits of the home owners towards their dog. Well, let me tell you that the dogs that are being trained at home are friendlier than those of the dogs who are being trained outside to certain training place.

This article will help you in getting up all the information which you are in need of at the time of going for training your dog at home. The home owner’s must take certain things in to consideration which can help them in getting all their tips at the time of going for training your dog at home like choose of going for wise name of your dog, giving him his private den which can help them in getting in to manner, decide up the rules of your home, teach him of listening you and coming on calling his name, etc. and many more of the things which are considered to be important tips which you need to go for at the time of training your dog at home.

Tips of training your dog at home

  • Choosing and selecting a name for your dog in the right manner is considered to be one of the tips of training your dog at home. if you go for selecting catchy name than it is considered to be good for both of you and your dog because dogs are considered to be having accepting the things in a better manner which are being given by their owners. Go for short names which can help you in remembering it in a better manner.
  • Supply him with his private den which you need to get him and train him of having his sleep and food over there. This will help you in the matters of training your dog at home in an easy manner. He also must get the room of his own, and if you are going out somewhere, it will help you to be secure as he is going to be in its den only.
  • It is considered to be important of going for teaching him to come when you call his name. this will help you in going for the right way of training your dog at home in a better manner. Calling him by its name will help him in understanding its command and mastering it too with all the effects which you wanted to have with. Go for trying it when he is busy up in some work and then if he reacts accordingly than you have given him certain training which he can recognize while you take its name.

How to Take Care of your LabradorWant to go for getting pets in your home? Than mark my words, in accordance to my views, Labrador is considered to be your pet which you can go for in your home. I love Labrador because they are fun loving, caring and most adorable pet which I could ever had in my life. But only getting it in your home and not taking proper care of it is not a good thing right? You must take care of your Labrador. There are many ways which can help you in taking care of your Labrador at your home. I know everyone loves getting pet at their home but not only bringing them home but to take care of your Labrador is also the duty of the home owners which they are mandatory to follow up.

Well, it is very important to note down the important tips of taking care of your Labrador because they are also considered as the part of your family which you don’t want to miss at all. There are many factors which you need to take in to consideration at the time of taking care of your Labrador at your home like, its cleaning, foods, regular visiting to the veterinary doctor, etc. and many of the other functions which are considered to be the duty of the home owners to deal with at the time of taking care of your Labrador at your home.

How to take care of your Labrador

  • Food

If you are providing proper food according to the age of your Labrador and at the proper time which is also considered to be one of the important factor to comply with than mark my words taking care of your Labrador will be very easy for you. Good health of the dog can be recognized by providing it the right amount of food with the right branding and appropriate amount of nutrients which is considered to be very much mandatory.

  • Cleaning

The cleaning process of Labrador is considered to be a simple job which sounds like tough. There are many things which are covered under this scenario like brushing up your dog every week, get the excess oil from the upper surface so that their hairs look more glossy, providing with cutting of nails and you can also take the help of the veterinary doctors, getting away from the shedding of its hairs in its season, etc. and many more of the factors which are considered under the cleaning session at the time of taking care of your Labrador.

  • Visiting to Veterinary

It is very important to take your dig to the veterinary for regular check-up because they have better knowledge of what things your dog is suffering from. Take him for vaccination at all the ages as it comes for the time. Monthly check up is another thing which will help you in getting all the details which you want to know about your Labrador. Well, in accordance to my views, taking care of your Labrador is an enjoying pace with your dog which helps you in getting and understanding your bonding towards it.



Diet for parrotProper diet is very essential for your parrot’s health along with his lifespan. Imagine you get same food every day would you like to eat it? Its a definite no. then how can you give your pet bird parrot same seed and water everyday. they also deserve variety and color in their diet. But it should also be healthy. here is a certain diet items you should give to your pet parrot.

The diet plan of birds are very similar to ours.

Grain product – 50% of diet

vegetable and fruits – 45%

Dairy and Meat – 5%

seed and nuts – < 1%

Here is food items along with their proportions

1) Grain products (50%)

Whole grain: They are good container of proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.various recommended grain products are as follows

  • Bagels
  • Cereal
  • cream of white
  • Oatmeal
  • Noodles and pasta
  • Rice

PelletsPelleted diet is a combination of various healthy ingredients and then it is mashed. After mashing it pellets of different shape, color, size can be made and served to your pet parrot bird. It is beneficial as your parrot gets every healthy diet without chances of selecting his favorite and leaving out rest.

Diet Mixes: Feeding your bird with variety is very important yet if you don’t have time to give fresh diets and pellets you can give a diet mix to your parrot which includes seeds, dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains and many more things.

2) Vegetables and fruits (45%)

Vegetables: vegetables are very important portion of your parrot’s diet. Cooked and raw both type of vegetables can be given. But be sure that it is washed properly and chopped into proper size. Recommended vegetables are as follows.

  • Baby corn
  • bamboo shoots
  • Banana peppers
  • Bean sprouts
  • broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Peppers
  • Peas
  • Okra
  • Soyabeans
  • Tomato

Fruits: Fruits are also a very important diet for your pet parrot. But keep in mind before serving fruits to your parrot wash them properly. Recommended fruits are as follows.

  • Apple
  • Apricot
  • Banana
  • Orange
  • Grapes
  • Coconut
  • Kiwis
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Plums
  • Pomegranate
  • Guava
  • Raisins

3) Dairy and Meat (5%)

Dairy: Inspite of parrot being lactose intolerant, they can still have some dairy items. Dairy products are a very good source of calcium so they can be involved in small proportion in your parrots bird’s diet. recommended dairy products.

  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Eggs

Meat: Surprised? Yes birds also eat meat and it is good for them. Meat contain a good amount of protien and a small amount of meat is definitely good for parrot. but take care the meat should always be cooked properly and never be given rare. Recommended meat products.

  • Chicken
  • Fish Lamb
  • Liver
  • Tuna fish
  • Turkey
  • Ribs
  • Roast beef
  • Salmon

4) Seed and Nuts(<1%)

SeedSeed is not a recommended diet for your parrot. Even though it is a natural part of diet of every parrot but it doesn’t even make half of what they  eat. wild parrots always eat fruits, vegetables, leaves, stem, flower, insects etc. These are their basic needs. Pet birds also need the same diet. Feeding simply seeds are not advisable.

Nuts: Parrots are a good lover of nuts. Thus it is suggested to feed them nuts while in their training period. Nuts can be either be given full or chopped, it is depended on the size of your parrot. nuts are a good container of nutrients and fat. Recommended nuts are as follows.

  • Almond
  • Peanut
  • Hazelnut
  • Cashew
  • filberts
  • Fine nuts
  • Walnuts

English BulldogAre you planning to bring home an English bulldog? Well, dogs as pets are an absolute joy and the unconditional love that your pet will shower on you will definitely make you feel blessed. However, you will also have to understand that bringing home an English bulldog involves a lot of responsibility and though taking care of a dog of any breed involves responsible ownership there is a certain way in which dogs of different breeds need to be taken care of. Therefore, before you bring your English bulldog puppy home you will have to know how you can take care of it.

Tips to take care of your English bulldog puppy

Your puppy will have to be fed four times a day. When it grows up then it will have to be fed twice a day. You should feed your English bulldog dog food that is high in protein. Giving your dog balanced nutrients is very important.

Taking your English bulldog for regular exercise session is crucial. Try to walk the pet at least twice every day. While going on walks, you can start with casual pace and short distances and gradually you can increase the distance. Make sure that you keep the exercise regime at a tolerable level for your pet.

Grooming your dog once a week is important. You can use a textured rubber pad or a simple bristle brush for the purpose of grooming. Your pet must be bathed only occasionally. Bathing it at regular intervals will make it lose the natural oils in his coat. The natural oils protect his skin.

English bulldogs’ tails are prone to irritation due to moisture buildup in the folds of their skins. In case of irritations, the tail has to be cleaned with mild soap and dried thoroughly.

Regularly check the paws of your pet for lesions and cysts.

Nutrition food for rabbitsRabbits are wonderful as pets- they are the much adored cute little furry whom you love to cuddle all the time. However, when you have these furry pals in your home you must be careful about their diet. The perfect diet for a house rabbit should be enriched in Vitamin A, D, fiber, protein, calcium & other nutrients. Below is a write up stating important nutrition food for rabbits.

Grass Hay

Grass Hay is the most important food for your pet rabbit, regardless of the hay variety. Hay is significant as it’s stuffed with essential nutrients like protein, calcium, Vitamin A & D. It also contains fiber and assures a healthy rummage for the bunny. Since hay acts as a wonderful chewing medium, it ensures a sparkling set of clean teeth for the animal. You must add on some extra grasses such as timothy grass, oats and alfalfa to the rabbit’s hay platter for a more palatable diet.

Leafy green

Leafy greens are good for rabbit diet as well. Any sort of leafy green, which is okay for a horse or a human, would do good for these cute furry beings too. The vets always suggest getting one cup full of leafy greens for a two pound rabbit- it’s good to feed the proportion through multiple feed, all through the day. However, you mustn’t use same leafy green every week as otherwise it would be really boring for the animal. Use at least 3 forms of greens throughout the week.

Small fruit proportions

You can feed fruits to the rabbit, but in small proportions. Also make sure to get fresh fruits only and no dry fruits. The vets suggest getting one teaspoon of fruit to a 2 pound rabbit daily. Stay away from the high-sugar or high-starch based fruits as these are very harmful for the animal.

care for guinea pigsGuinea pigs, or cavies, are sweet, jolly and clean animals and make great pets, yet, taking care of them can be quite a tricky job. Below there are some steps which should help you in trying to take care of a guinea pig.

Food: First and foremost you need to study on what to feed your pet pig. Pellets which are made especially for cavies should be the main food for your pig. Ensure that he has easy access to pellets all through the day. You must feed him fresh vegetables and fruits too. You can also give him collards, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, apples among others. You will also need to provide him with fresh hay regularly. Their constantly growing teeth is kept in check by hay. If the teeth grow too much, it will be very painful for him to eat other types of food.

Supplements: Cavies cannot make vitamin C themselves, so they must get it from their diet. If your pig does not get this all important vitamin he will develop scurvy. You should give him tablets or liquid supplements of vitamin C.

Housing: You must buy a large enough cage for your guinea so that he has enough room to move around. Make sure that the cage does not have raised floor. Guinea pigs have very sensitive feet.

Nails: You must trim your guinea’s nails regularly. If they are not cut frequently, the will keep growing and can then cut into your pig’s pad. This might cause an infection. Try trimming his nails once or twice every month.

Bedding: Some of the most basic and common bedding options for cavies are wood shavings, hay and paper products. Make sure that you are not using bedding that will be too hard on your pig’s sensitive feet.

These are a few easy tips on caring for your guinea. Hope it helps you to take proper care of your little pet pig.

train an older dogHow to train an older dog is kind of a crucial concern for you. It is a particular task that you must not take lightly. On the contrary you should try to get as serious as possible about this issue. As a matter of fact, it might prove to be tricky chore for you. So be cautious. Would you like to know how on earth you are going to proceed? Well in that case here is an interesting peep into the issue. Please have a look.

• Get cozy with it- You do need to ensure that you are going to be or get as cozy with it as possible. It is indeed a must on your part. Without getting cozy with the older dog you cannot train it properly. So be careful on this issue.
• Arrange for some treats- If you think that you are dealing with some disobedient dog then you can arrange for some treats. You need to be careful in this regard. You have to pick up those treats only which are going to be liked by the dog.
• Be choosy about places to train- you do need to be very choosy about the places where you can train them up. You need to be careful in this regard. Make it a point to take them where they would like to go. For example you can take them to a park or a field. Be very specific while giving it commands. If needs be then you have to act a little strict.

Here is what you do need to know on how to train an older dog. You can consider the aforementioned tips to be some practical guide for you. You definitely need to follow the tips. They will come handy to a great extent.

Petting a rabbitRabbits are delightfully social animals which make adorable pets and wonderful companions. It isn’t particularly difficult to care for them, but they do require some specific conditions to remain perfectly healthy. It is advisable to do a little research on rabbit care before making the decision to adopt one, there is a wealth of information on the internet as well as many books on the subject.

Making a home for a rabbit is the first step in its domestication; pet rabbits are safest inside the house away from extreme temperatures and predators. They can be allowed to roam free about the house or be kept inside a hutch. The latter is a better option because rabbits have a tendency to chew through dangerous objects like wires, plants and fibres that may be harmful to them. If the rabbit is to be kept in a hutch, the hutch should be at least five times the size of the rabbit and it must be allowed out for regular exercise.

An important constituent of a rabbit’s diet is grass hay which is essential to keeping its intestinal tract healthy. It should also be given good quality pellets and they would also enjoy dark leaf lettuces, turnip greens, collard greens, and carrot tops. Foods like chocolate, candy, tomatoes, onions and potatoes should be avoided. Fresh water in a clean bowl should also be available at all times. Be sure to change your rabbit’s water at least once each day. Rabbits, like cats, are very clean by nature and will choose a corner of their hutch as a bathroom very quickly, furnishing this area with a litter box would ensure a clean hutch for your rabbit.

Annual veterinary checkups and spaying and neutering your pet rabbits are important, keeping away illnesses and making for a happy rabbit.

pet dog accessoryWhat are accessories for dogs? Things which give comfort to dogs, things which can be used for grooming them things which make the canine happy and are full of fun and frolic are the accessories for dogs. Here is a list of different accessories which you should consider for your faithful buddy.

Dog collar – this is the most important accessory for a pet canine. The collar also known as harness is used to identify the dog if lost. Nowadays GPS collars are used for tracking the Dog’s whereabouts. But the most common use of the dog’s collar with leash is easy control and thus safety of the animal.

Feeding bowl – the feeding bowl is a must for every dog lover as it ensures its daily nourishment in a hygienic way.

Grooming accessories – Proper grooming enables us to keep the dog healthy and free from germs and insects. As we humans need to take our bath daily to keep ourselves clean so is the pet needed to be washed combed or brushed to keep it clean, though daily bath is not recommended. If there are children at home then their health will be affected if pets are not clean. There are numerous grooming products in the market for dogs like shampoos, brushes, hair clippers, nail trimmers, combs, scissors etc. So these varied grooming accessories should be considered for your canine friend.

Dog toys – your canine pet should be kept happy and engaged all the time. Dog toys are considered the must-haves for dog owners. Some dogs like to play with balls and some dogs like to keep themselves busy with chewable toys in the shape of a bone. If you need any suggestion on the suitable toy for your four legged friend than you can always get some advice from your vet.

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