There are two categories of rabbits. There are domesticated rabbits and wild rabbits. Domesticated and wild rabbits are all similar. Their only differences emerge in the way they live. Wild rabbits normally live in or near farmlands. In a more wild setting, you will find wild rabbits in woodlands, moorlands and sand dunes.

In their wild habitats, rabbits normally live in groups which are called colonies. They live in burrows known as warrens. Most rabbit warrens are 3 meters deep and one can have multiple entrances. The inside of a warren is actually a maze of tunnels. These tunnels are what the rabbits use as their nesting chambers and living quarters.

Wild rabbits make their homes in places that are close to a source of food and away from their enemies. Most of the vegetation found around a warren is normally short due to being frequently fed on by the rabbits.


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